Hey, I'm Chris!

Problem solver, digital nomad and creator.

Problems I solve

I help businesses launch, grow and scale their products with technology. I do that is as a frontend engineer, where I build blazing fast ⚡ and stunning ✨ web applications for exceptional user experience.

Places I travel

The nature of my work allows me to explore the world 🗺 while working. Since 2018 when my journey first started, I have visited 10 countries. Keep up with my whereabouts 📍 in the travel section.

Content I create

I write about my personal experiences and the technology behind the products I've built in the blog section. I also create YouTube videos 🎬 and Instagram reels 🎥 documenting the places I travel.

Work 📝


Kawasanku visualizes the data collected from Census 2020 in Malaysia to breakdown the population, demographics, geography, economy and public services by state and sub-national areas. The website is available in 4 languages - English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil.

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State of DeveloperKaki

State of DeveloperKaki is a data visualization project to shed insight on the relationship between salary, demographics, geography, education and experience for developers based in Malaysia.

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Newsifier is a SaaS platform that makes online publishing easier and smarter so publishers can focus on writing quality content and growing their brand. I am responsible for designing and implementing the software architecture to scale the application for 10x more customers and 50 million average monthly users while optimizing the SEO and performance of the site.

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Hackathons 🛠️

Facebook Developer Circle Hackathon

🥇 Winner • Cookie Monster

Start with an augmented cookie on your forehead. Then, use your facial muscles to guide the cookie into your mouth and... turn into the Cookie Monster!

Axiata Coding Challenge

🥈 1st Runner Up • BAE

Say 'No' to bullying! BAE is a scenario-based learning platform for both primary students and educators. Students are taught how to defend against bullying whereas educators are taught how to intervene with real-world examples.

MYHackathon KL

🏅 Top 10 Finalist • Maia

Tired of waiting in line at government agencies? Maia is a one-stop smart government mobile application connecting all agencies so you can do everything you need right on your phone.

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