How to get your COVID-19 vaccination appointment in Malaysia within 10 days

by Chris Low on Jul 13 2021

This article is meant for Malaysians who will be traveling abroad for studies or work purposes in the near future. Please do not apply if you do not belong in these categories.

  1. Register for the National COVID-19 Immunisation Program. Skip this step if you are already registered. If you haven't, the recommended way to register is through the MySejahtera mobile application. The steps are as follows: MySejahtera Registration

    To find out more about the other 2 options to register, check out the guide from the official JKJAV website here.

  2. Upon completion, return to the main page and click on the Helpdesk icon or access the Helpdesk here and click Start

  3. Select A. Vaccination Appointment

  4. Choose your reasoning. Options A, E, F and G are for individuals who are traveling abroad for studies or work

MySejahtera Helpdesk

  1. Enter your MySejahtera ID (found in Profile tab), IC or Passport and upload supporting documents. These documents might include:

    • university offer letter
    • work letter
    • MyTravelPass approval
    • vaccination requirements by your destination country
  2. Receieve confirmation email and wait for appointment date (estimated wait time is 10 working days). You will be notified when the appointment date has been set via a text message and notification from MySejahtera. Note that you are not given an option to choose the type of vaccine.

MySejahtera Appointment

  1. Bring a pen and the documents you uploaded in Step 6 to your designated vaccination center

Follow these steps and you should get your appointment soon. What happens after you get your vaccination appointment? Watch the video below to find out!

Good luck and stay safe!

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